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If you have a drug or alcohol addiction and have been trying to research the many treatment and rehab options available to you, you may understandably feel confused and overwhelmed. There are so many different treatment programs and options out there and some of them are decidedly more effective and helpful than others. The problem is that it can be hard for a person that is not an addiction treatment expert to know which programs are the most beneficial to them. One of the best options available to you that you should seriously consider for your addiction recovery and treatment are inpatient drug rehabs in Hamden. Inpatient rehab centers have some of the highest success rates of any form of addiction treatment and the various inpatient rehab programs they offer can provide you with extensive and comprehensive treatment for your addiction. Get to know more about inpatient drug rehabs in Hamden as well as the array of inpatient rehab programs so you can be sure you are able to make a smart and informed decision regarding your drug or alcohol addiction recovery.

What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab centers provide a highly structured, supportive, and controlled treatment environment for people with addictions to drugs or alcohol. When a person chooses to get treated for their addiction in inpatient drug rehabs in Hamden, they are committing to staying in an addiction treatment center in Hamden full-time for the duration of their treatment program.

Staying in the treatment center full time is a big commitment to be sure and being separated from your regular life and routines can seem daunting and even downright scary. But this separation from the "real world" is precisely what distinguishes inpatient rehab programs from other addiction treatment options. This allows for more hours of therapy and treatment which means a person can make progress in their recovery much more quickly. The lack of distractions, as well as the lack of access to the drugs the person is addicted to, will also help the patient to be able to successfully complete treatment and overcome their addiction.

How Long Does Inpatient Rehab Usually Last?

When a person chooses to seek out addiction treatment in inpatient rehab centers, the exact amount of time that they will spend I treatment will depend on a number of factors. The average stay in an inpatient rehab center is between four and eight weeks but some people only stay in treatment a few short weeks while others stay significantly longer. If a person addiction is severe or they have severe mental health issues to deal with in addition to their addiction, then they may choose to enroll in inpatient rehab programs that last more along the lines of six months to a year.

What Are the Benefits?

There are several benefits of note to seeking out treatment from inpatient rehab centers. As previously mentioned, inpatient rehab helps to recover addicts to avoid the risks of temptation and distraction while you are going through addiction treatment. However, these are not the only benefits of inpatient rehab in Hamden. When you choose to stay in an inpatient treatment center, you will get a full and comprehensive treatment program. This includes options such as medical detox which will break a person's physical addiction to drugs or alcohol with the help of doctors and nurses to oversee the process and ensure that the person stays as safe and healthy as possible.

After drug detox in Hamden, the recovering addict will be able to engage in severe involved therapies that will help them to delve deep into their addiction, the mechanisms of substance abuse and related behaviors, and how to develop coping strategies that will help them to avoid substance abuse in the future when they return to the real world. This can include programs like 12-step counseling or alternative therapies like art therapy, music therapy, and pet therapy.

Why Should I Enter an Inpatient Rehab?

Entering inpatient drug rehabs in Hamden is the best chance that you can give yourself at overcoming your addiction to drugs or alcohol. With extensive and comprehensive treatment programs, you will be giving yourself all of the resources and coping strategies that you need to be able to reclaim control over your life and to move forward without falling back into habits of substance abuse and addiction. If you are serious about wanting to break your drug or alcohol addiction and you are willing to put in the effort to do so, inpatient rehab is the best choice for you. Call Hamden Drug Rehab Centers now help (203) 347-3259.

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