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While you may believe that by living in Hamden, Connecticut, you are somehow removed from the problems that bog down other cities and regions of the country, the reality is that wherever there are people, there are going to be health issues of concern. One of the many personal and public health problems affecting millions of people around the country is the issue of addiction. If you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, do not despair. You do not have to continue on down the path you are on. Gaining a greater understanding of addiction in general as well as the options regarding addiction treatment in Hamden will help you to better see how drug and alcohol addiction treatment can benefit you.

What Is Addiction?

Before you can delve into the programs for addiction treatment that can help you to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may want to gather more information and insight into what drives an addiction. When many people speak of addiction, they speak of it as a mental illness or a weakness of some kind. This type of thinking about addiction is one of the main reasons that people do not seek out the assistance of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. They feel ashamed of their so-called weakness and try to deny or hide it from themselves and the rest of the world.

There is much more to addiction than popular notions would allow you to believe, though. Addiction is not a weakness and it is not a mental illness. In fact, anyone can develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol and nobody is exempt from or immune to addiction. An addiction is a disease and when a person abuses drugs or alcohol, they put themselves at risk of developing that disease.

Addiction is physical as well as mental. Abusing drugs or alcohol over the course of time will cause a person's internal brain chemistry to change. This change in the balance of the chemicals and hormones in the brain essentially means that a person is physically (biochemically) dependent on the substance to function normally. Because of this physical dependence as well as the mental and emotional ones that people develop, it is essential to seek out the help and care of addiction treatment in Hamden.

Why Does One Become an Addict

There are many reasons that a person might develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Generally speaking, a person will begin to develop a substance abuse problem due to some type of mental or emotional issue in their life. Past traumas like being abused as a child, being a combat veteran, or experiencing domestic violence can all lead a person to develop substance abuse issues. Some others develop addictions due to workplace stress, perfectionist tendencies, or other issues in their life. There may also be physical causes of substance abuse problems and addictions such as chronic pain problems.

Why Should I Enter an Addiction Treatment Center?

Entering a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is an important step to take if you truly wish to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. One of the many reasons that you should enter a center for addiction treatment in Hamden is that they offer programs for addiction treatment that deal specifically with the physical addiction that people have to drugs or alcohol.

The program most commonly offered to deal with a person's physical addiction to drugs or alcohol is known as drug detox in Hamden. In a center for addiction treatment in Hamden, medical detox is the first step in the addiction treatment process and involves stopping substance abuse and helping the brain and body to chemically rebalance. As previously mentioned, a person's brain chemistry changes when they develop an addiction and the brain will be forced to relearn how to function without the drug. Medical detox programs for addiction treatment provide medical care and supervision during detox as well as treatments to manage withdrawal symptoms.

Once a person makes it successfully through detox, their addiction treatment in Hamden can continue. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment also deal with the emotional and mental aspects of a person's addiction. There are many different programs for addiction treatment that a person can choose from to deal with these issues. The core therapy options are individual and group therapy, but there are many other supportive therapies to help a person develop coping mechanisms and strategies. These options can include art therapy, restorative yoga, family therapy, and more.

Now that you have a better understanding of addiction and addiction treatment in Hamden, you can be sure you deal with your addiction in the best way possible. Call Hamden Drug Rehab Centers now help (203) 347-3259.

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